Who We Are

Southern Oregon Aspire was founded in 1975. We currently support 200 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Josephine and Jackson Counties. 

Our Programs

Residential Services

24-Hour Homes-We provide 15 homes and support 48 individuals within Josephine County. These homes are staffed with 24 hour support.

Supported Living- We provide 1 multi-unit complex, Midstep, that supports 13 individuals living independently in the community. This program offers them support in budgeting, nutrition, shopping, transportation, etc.

Residential Services

Day Supports

Community Day Supports

Serving both Josephine and Jackson Counties, we provide community based support for 70 individuals to explore the array of opportunities available to them within the community. Each individual is able to discover and participate in these community activities based on their terms.

Community Jobs

Community Jobs – We offer individualized recruitment, training, placement and oversight to many individuals who work in the community. Our program offers support to both the employee and employer to assure a good job match and maximize the opportunity for success. We currently support 23 individuals and 17 employers.

Work Opportunity Real Experiences

Work Opportunity Real Experiences (WORX) Crew – Supporting individuals to learn important work skills is the goal of the WORX Crew. Utilizing a mix of both paid and volunteer opportunities that help develop skills that are critical for employment. We support 10 individuals at 8 volunteer sites and 1 business contract at the City of Grants Pass.

Landscape and Janitorial

Landscape and Janitorial – We offer services in commercial contracts in janitorial and landscaping. The main focus for these services is to offer vocational job training to 27 individuals. We provide them with individual and team support in learning valuable job skills. These businesses provide earned income that is funded back into our mission programs.

Funding Facts

*Numbers are based on averages. Each individual is different depending o the level of support that is required.

Program Monthly Costs – per person

Residential Services

  • 24 Hr. Homes $9,700&
  • Supported Living $1,400

Community Day Supports

  • Josephine County $903 
  • Jackson County $1,367

Employment Services

  • Community Jobs/WORX crew $1,000
  • Landscape and Janitorial $2,197