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Meaningful Community-Based Business Partnerships

As an Employer Partner, you can hire career seekers to meet the needs of your business.

Through our customized services, we assist employers to identify specific needs and match them with the skill sets of career seekers from Aspire.

By connecting your employment opportunities with career seeker’s abilities, we provide a WIN-WIN partnership for everyone!

As an assessment site partner, businesses work with our employment team to support a career seeker in exploring specific jobs.

Becoming an assessment site has NO COST to your business. It allows us to match your company with a qualified and efficient employee who will enjoy being a productive member of your team.

Employer Benefits

  • SAVE TIME – Eliminate time consuming and costly advertising and recruiting. We’ll do that for you!
  • SAVE MONEY – We help evaluate tasks assigned to workers with higher skills that might be more efficiently handled by someone in a part-time, entry-level position.
  • INCREASE REVENUE – We identify ways to provide a new service or a unique twist on an old service, offering work for a motivated employee while also generating additional income for the business.
  • INCREASE CUSTOMER BASE – 93% of people surveyed prefer to do business with companies that hire people with disabilities. (Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, 2006)
  • BUILD POSITIVE REPUTATION – When providing job opportunities for people with disabilities, you’re diversifying your workforce AND enriching our community.

Why Hire Through Southern Oregon Aspire?

We specialize in connecting career seekers with employers in the community to create a WIN-WIN partnership.

We connect with potential employers and provide one-on-one consultation services to identify specific needs and areas of opportunity. We also provide customized training and ongoing support with a specialized Job Coach at no cost to you!


Logan Design Southern Oregon Aspire Business Partners

“Kyle adds a lot to our work environment, and we appreciate having him around. He comes in with a great attitude and boosts everyone’s morale!”

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do staff get trained?
    Our specialized job coaches learn the specifics of the job, and we support and assist you and the career seeker with training. Job coaches are paid for by Southern Oregon Aspire; you only pay for your employees.
  2. What if the job changes or requires more duties?
    Not a problem! You communicate the changes to our job coach, and we help support those changes.
  3. How do I find the right fit?
    Our goal is to provide you with a quality employee who loves their job. We’ll ensure you have the right fit for your business needs. We want it to be a WIN-WIN — for both you and the career seeker.
  4. What do you get as a Partner?
    Inclusive and Diverse Workforce; Good Talent Matches for Jobs; Motivated, Dependable Employees; Increased Customer Loyalty; Overall Engagement; Increased Team Bonding.

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Kevin Waterman
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