Community Living

The Community Living Services Program is unique as we offer a variety of settings where services can be provided.

We can provide services to individuals who live in their own home or live with their family; if they are married and/or have children, we can share provided services with another agency. Southern Oregon Aspire owns a nine-unit apartment complex close to the heart of downtown Grants Pass. This complex allows individuals to enjoy the freedom of independent living with its close proximity to our community where everything is within walking distance. We stand out in what we do within this particular program because of the large variety of supports we provide. Our supports are person-centered and catered to each person’s individual needs. We work with individuals to reach personal goals like owning their own homes, purchasing a personal vehicle, reaching personal health or financial goals and going on vacations. Other areas of importance we provide supports are managing medications, budgeting and finances, meal planning, nutritional and health needs, and home care needs such as housekeeping and yard maintenance. We help individuals navigate other available resources like housing and energy assistance, food stamps and medical benefits.