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Southern Oregon Aspire is a nonprofit organization that provides support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Jackson and Josephine Counties since 1975. We currently support 200 individuals in residential housing, community employment placement, vocational job training, and community day supports.  

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Meet David 

When David first came to Southern Oregon Aspire, we all knew he was a special kind of person — someone who always kept an optimistic outlook on life, no matter what the situation was. However, before finding his way to S.O. Aspire, David’s journey was full of challenges and difficulties. This is his story:

A Grants Pass native, born with intellectual disabilities, David was raised in the area. During childhood, he
experienced some ongoing challenges that resulted in daily struggles. His difficulties with communication
caused him to feel different from his peers. At the age of 19, David began to search for a positive living
environment. It was the start of a very problematic road. During this time, David found himself in multiple living situations that didn’t allow him freedom and the right to make his own choices. Through the struggles, he found an unseen benefit, his passion in childcare. This passion lead him to further his education in Child
Development. He became certified in CPR and first aid. David kept his upbeat attitude towards life even during
the years of challenging living situations. He continued to pursue a career in childcare and gained experience at
the Boys & Girls Club and Club Northwest. In May of 2018, David was referred to the non-profit organization Southern Oregon Aspire.

David entered into Southern Oregon Aspire’s Supported Living Program. This program helps individuals with
intellectual and development disabilities live independently in their community. Because of Aspire, David has been able to live on his own for over a year now. He lives a simple life that gives him freedom. Freedom to think about himself and to make his own choices. He continues to follow his dream to achieve a career in childcare and recently entered into Aspire’s Employment Services Program. A program that offers job training and placement within the community. With the support of Southern Oregon Aspire, David is finally able to live the independent life that he has been searching for. Every day he works towards his own happiness and his goal of becoming a childcare provider. David lives on his terms and is now able to truly thrive.

David and 12 others are currently living in our Midstep complex. Midstep is an apartment complex, through our Supported Living Program. We offer individualized support for each tenant. Support services are budgeting, nutrition, shopping, transportation and much more. In order to provide these residents with a safe and warm place to call home, major renovations are required. Supporters like you can help make these apartments a wonderful place to live. Consider making a gift today to help people, like David.

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