Providing Integral Community Services to Those Who Need it Most!

Southern Oregon Aspire provides services to over 130 people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. We believe everyone should be able to work, live and play in our community. We help these individuals through our Community Employment Services, Residential Supports and Community Living Services; we also provide invaluable Community Resources

Community Employment Services

At Southern Oregon Aspire, we believe all individuals should be able to work in our community, develop valuable career skills, and gain confidence in their abilities. We offer people with intellectual and developmental disabilities job recruitment, training, placement, and coaching services. We specialize in tailoring part-time positions ranging from 2–25 hours per week. We partner with a wide range of businesses and organizations across Josephine County,  helping to create a more equitable and inclusive environment in the Rogue Valley.

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Residential Supports

We provide person-centered supports and care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in family-like homes, of three to five people. Support needs range from complex physical and medical conditions while others require sophisticated communication techniques and behavioral support. Services are provided by a compassionate team consisting of Direct Support Professionals, Residential Managers, and Behavior Professionals who support individual’s goals and respect what makes each person unique. Family members are embraced and encouraged to participate in their loved one’s daily life and are welcome to visit the homes to spend time with their family.

Community Living

We can provide services to individuals who live in their own home or live with their family; if they are married and/or have children, we can share provided services with another agency. Southern Oregon Aspire owns a nine-unit apartment complex close to the heart of downtown Grants Pass. This complex allows individuals to enjoy the freedom of independent living with its close proximity to our community where everything is within walking distance. We stand out in what we do within this particular program because of the large variety of supports we provide. Our supports are person-centered and catered to each person’s individual needs. We work with individuals to reach personal goals like owning their own homes, purchasing a personal vehicle, reaching personal health or financial goals and going on vacations. Other areas of importance we provide supports are managing medications, budgeting and finances, meal planning, nutritional and health needs, and home care needs such as housekeeping and yard maintenance. We help individuals navigate other available resources like housing and energy assistance, food stamps and medical benefits.

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Helpful tips for joining Southern Oregon Aspire’s Services

  1. Contact your case manager. You will speak to them about sending Southern Oregon Aspire a referral for services. 
  2. If you do not have a case manager, please contact a case management agency to have one assigned and to talk to you about your options. 
  3. Once a referral is received by Southern Oregon Aspire, we will work closely with you and your case manager about our services and your needs.