Midstep Renovation Project 2019!

Major renovations are underway for the Multi-Unit Apartment Complex, Midstep. This complex is part of Aspires Supported Living Program. This program allows individuals the choice to live independently in the community. Our staff provides support in budgeting, nutrition, transportation and much more. 

The Midstep complex itself is outdated and falling apart. In order to give these individuals a safe and warming place to call home, renovations are needed. The project will take $40,000 to complete. Aspire received a $20,000 Grant from the Four Way Foundation to help get us started. 

Donors are the heart of our organization, YOU have the power to become one of our hearts and join Southern Oregon Aspire and other community members in helping raise the additional $20,000. We believe everyone has the right to live where they want, help us make this complex a place the residents are proud to call home. 

Renovations are on 8 units in the complex and Projects Include:

New Flooring
New Heating and AC Units
Exterior Front Doors
Interior Doors
Key-less Door Locks
Counter Tops
Kitchen Cabinets
Fence for property 
Interior and Exterior Painting

For questions contact Tiffany Schmelzer, Development Director at 541-237-3021 or email  

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