Work Opportunity Real Experiences (WORX)

Diversity and Community Inclusion!

Hire The WORX (Work Opportunity Real Experiences) crew today!

Community Jobs

This small employment group can help your business!

We offer specialized services in folding and addressing mailers, stuffing envelopes, packing product for shipping, community advertising and much more.

With a mix of contracts and volunteer sites, the WORX crew is always seeking new career paths. Help those we support by scheduling a tour of your company. Your business could be the key in creating a whole new opportunity for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We support 10 individuals at 4 volunteer sites and one business contract.


  • Business Contracts
    • City of Grants Pass


  • Volunteer Sites
    • Raptor Creek Farms
    • Barnstormers
    • Animal Shelter
    • Grants Pass Pregnancy Center

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