Residential Supports

Southern Oregon Aspire serves 15 residential homes, and 1 multi-unit apartment complex along with a Community Living Services program in order to help fulfill our mission of “Inspiring Unlimited Opportunities for People to Create the Life They Choose”.

The 24hr Residential program is overseen by a Residential Director who administers the entire program. Each home has a House Manager that is responsible for the facility and the staff of Direct Support Professionals.

Our homes are staffed 24 hours a day with varying staffing patterns that allow us to provide our residents to live personally satisfying lives as productive members of their community and participate in daily activities that all enjoy doing. Each home is set up specific to the needs of the individuals which could range from high medical needs, to behavioral or transitioning independent skills supports or a combination of support needs.

Our Community Living Services is overseen by a Community Living Director who is responsible for managing the staff of Direct Support Professionals who offer supports to those living in their own homes, or continuing to live with family members. The individuals who receive these supports require assistance in the areas of everyday living skills which may include housekeeping, budgeting, arranging and attending professional service appointments and accessing their community for leisure time.

The success of our programs relies on the involvement and support of many people including family members, the residential home staff, mental health professionals, and the community as a whole. The primary emphasis is focused on helping our residents achieve greater degrees of responsibility for themselves. This includes getting up in the morning, dressing appropriately, and getting to work if they choose to have a job. We also work on the personal responsibilities such as shopping for clothes, money management, making and keeping appointments, and a selection of leisure activities.

Our main goal is to create a comfortable living environment for the people we support. We teach skills in self-care, interpersonal relationships and independent living. As skills are learned, we help residents practice those skills and learn acceptable habits and routines that are beneficial in their lives, helping them pave a path to independent living if they chose to do so. We operate within state guidelines that determine the number of residents in our program, the level of disability, and the needs of the individual. Requirements and operating policies are built upon the state standards.

We work together as a team to allow the people we support to live, work, and thrive in our community.