Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion and Day Support Services

Our Community Inclusion and Day Support Services is a unique division of Southern Oregon Aspire, providing community based opportunities for individuals we support to engage in exploring the array of opportunities available to them throughout the community.

This program is designed to support individuals to discover and participate within our community on their terms. Each individual has a plan that is developed with them to identify activities they find most important and defining how to support them with those activities.

The development of meaningful relationships is something that is important for all of us. A key focus of the community inclusion program is focused on supporting those connections with people that are not paid to be in a person’s life. We believe that people who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities are valued members of our community and should have every opportunity to experience life to its fullest.

Individual and group activities are coordinated for individuals to experience a wide array of events, festivals, community establishments and areas of interest on a daily basis. Each season brings about new adventures and new opportunities for all to enjoy. Those supported here at Southern Oregon Aspire should be able to enjoy those same adventures and opportunities.

The staff looks beyond a person’s disability to support each individual and support them to experience all the joy life has to offer in a manner that not only assures their health and safety, but fulfills their desires to live the life they choose.