What We Do

Southern Oregon Aspire currently serves over 200 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing residential housing, vocational job training, employment services, supported living and day support services, behavioral and in-home supports. Individuals in our residential program can select services that match their individual needs and preferences. Services include, but are not limited to, support with finances, budgeting, health, nutrition, shopping, personal concerns, access to medical care, recreation, leisure, personal care, employment, and coordination with community resources. Staff provides residents with individualized attention and facilitates the development of meaningful relationships with people in the community.

Expanded employment integration is an area of focus for the organization and the State of Oregon who provides the majority of funding for supports. We currently operate a few small businesses for the sole purpose of providing meaningful jobs and job training for people with disabilities. These businesses include: electronics recycling, janitorial and landscape services. We also provide work supports for multiple people who work for local businesses in our community and through our contract services department.

What we do is provide the needed support for individuals with these type of disabilities to live, work and thrive in our community and allow them to create the life they choose.