Community Inclusion

The Community Inclusion Services Program offers adults opportunities for social engagement within their commu-nity with an emphasis on building social skills and enriching activities. With the focus on Community Integration, we strive to provide a healthy and safe environment for the individuals we support. We work with Community Living Case Management and the Brokerage. We can provide services to individuals who live in Group Homes, Foster Care, at home with families and individual supports for those who qualify. We want people to discover new things and have fun experiencing life. We provide individuals opportunities to participate in organized community exploration, engage with community members and to develop meaningful relationships with the people around them. Our staff team can provide support with money management when needed.

Our monthly activity calendars are created directly from the input of the people we support. Everyday there are several planned activities and/or classes to choose from that provide a multitude of experiences and learning op-portunities. The community has a wide array of events, festivals, fairs, other activities, establishments and parks that allow for a full daily schedule each month. Each season brings new adventures and new opportunities for everyone to enjoy. The Direct Support Professionals support each individual to experience all the joy life has to offer and to help fulfill their desire to love the life they choose.