Landscape & Janitorial Services

Through our landscape and janitorial services we offer quality commercial contracts to many clients in the local area. Our teams are comprised of our supported individuals along with a skills trainer as the team leader. Not only are we are able to teach valuable employment skills to those we support, we can do this while also contributing to the bottom line.

Janitorial Jobs

Our Janitorial Services Division is tailored to meet the individual and specific needs of each customer.

Southern Oregon Aspire janitorial crews work seven days a week to deliver full and superior custodial services, taking pride in performing excellent work with each and every job.

Our Landscape Maintenance Division has served Southern Oregon for many years.

We not only take care of some of the local parks, but also the city offices and many local businesses around town. Supported individuals are taught how to run landscaping equipment, the importance of a job well done and the importance of maintaining a positive presence in the community. We take pride in the work we do and it shows.

Landscape Jobs

We offer quality services at affordable rates. Contact us to get your free quote today!