Become an Ambassador

Here at Southern Oregon Aspire, we believe that the more friends we have, the better.

That’s why we established the Southern Oregon Aspire Ambassador Program. Our ambassadors play a crucial role in expanding our circle of friends and building a community of support that gives those who live with an intellectual or developmental disability a greater chance for independent living and a better quality of life here in Southern Oregon.
 Southern Oregon Aspire relies heavily on a person-to-person outreach strategy to build community support for our mission. It’s all about building relationships.

We have seen time and time again that once an individual has the opportunity to experience the work we do firsthand, the decision to support us becomes an easy one.

As an ambassador, you will have the opportunity to advocate on behalf of individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. You can be their voice in the community, informing your personal circle of friends and acquaintances about why it’s so important to include individuals living with these types of disabilities in our workplaces, neighborhoods, and daily life.

Support comes in many ways—it could be donating to support a new initiative or project, inviting others to our virtual tours or helping at one of our fundraising events…which are very FUN!

Potential supporters are more likely to attend our events if they are extended a personal invite from a friend, colleague, family member, or community leader. This is why the Ambassador Program is so important.

Why become an ambassador?

Advocating – By inviting friends, family, and other people in your personal network to our events, you help raise awareness about including individuals with these disabilities in our communities.

Connecting – You will introduce the work of Southern Oregon Aspire to the community, helping us to cast a wider net for potential support.

Endorsing – You share your positive experience to help others feel more comfortable and willing to attend one of our events for the first time.

We ask that you introduce 10 new people to Southern Oregon Aspire during the year by having them join one of our monthly virtual tours.

How you achieve this goal is flexible. You could invite two guests to five tours over a year, or host your own event with 10 new people so all your guests can join in the fun together.

When one of your guests expresses interest in being involved, we hope you will help us build an ongoing relationship by continuing to engage them with the work of Southern Oregon Aspire—invite them to volunteer, attend an annual event with you, etc.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Southern Oregon Aspire Ambassador!

All Ambassadors will be recognized on our website and in our newsletters to celebrate your outstanding efforts and contributions.
For more information on becoming a Southern Oregon Aspire Ambassador, please contact Tiffany Schmelzer at 541-237-3021 or