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Residential Services

Southern Oregon Aspire operates 15 residential houses, 1 apartment complex and a Support Living program in order to fulfill our mission of “Inspiring Unlimited Opportunities for People to Create the Life They Choose”.  Homes range from a 24 hour medical care facility to a number of group homes that prepare our residents to live personally satisfying lives as  productive members of their community and to do the same activities that all adults enjoy doing.  Our primary function is to help our residents take their place in the world by learning to accept responsibilities as they claim their adult privileges.

The success of our program relies on the involvement and support of many people including the parents, the group home staff, mental health professionals, and the community as a whole.  The primary emphasis is focused on helping our residents accept greater degrees of responsibility for themselves.  This includes getting up in the morning, dressing appropriately, and getting off to work.  We also work on the personal responsibilities such as shopping for clothes, money management, making and keeping appointments, and selection of leisure activities.

Our main goal is to create a normal living environment for the people we support.  We teach skills in self-care, interpersonal relationships and independent living.  After skills are learned we help residents to learn routines where skills are practiced and habits formed.  We operate within state guidelines that determine the number of residents in our program, the level of disability, and the needs of the individual.  Many of the requirements and operating policies are related to the state standards.

Our residential program staff consists of the Residential Director who oversees the entire program, a House Manager that is responsible for each individual home, and within each home is a staff of Direct Support Professionals that provide the daily care to the people we support.

Our Supported Living program offers support to those individuals that are actually living on their own in the community but still may need assistance with such things as budgeting, shopping, attending medical appointments and community involvement.

We work together as a team to allow the people we support to live, work, play, recreate and worship in our local community, just as we do.

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