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Business Team – Safety Coordinator

Karrie A. Hyde Bogart Safety Coordinator
Karrie A. Hyde Bogart
Safety Coordinator

Date started with Aspire:   5/16/1995

Brief description of what you do:   I am responsible for planning, establishing, implementing, and maintaining a variety of health, safety and environmental programs to assure the highest possible degree of safety for all our employees.

Your professional background:      I was in the Army for 7 years right out of high school.  I then went to Rogue Community College to get my Associates in Human Services.  I worked in retail and then started at Aspire.  I also did family day care for 13 years while working at Aspire.

How has working at Aspire impacted your life:       It has brought an awareness of what people can accomplish when they have the determination and support to overcome their obstacles.

Best facet of working at Aspire:     Seeing the people we serve accomplish their goals and dreams.  When you are a part of that person’s journey it is a wonderful feeling.

What brought you to Aspire:    I was attending Rogue Community College and heard about this company that helps people with disabilities.  I applied and started out as a sub.

A few thoughts on encouraging others to become involved with Aspire, in any way, shape or form:      If you love helping people and seeing growth in them, yourself, and the community… you would love working here!

What things would you like to see transpire in the future of Aspire and the people we support:     For us to continue to provide all the opportunities for people to create the life they choose.

Any story you wish to share of your experiences working at Aspire:     I have had many awesome experiences working with this company.  One of the highlights was supporting a client during his journey of getting married and buying a house with his wife.

Any other pertinent information regarding your employment with Aspire:      I am very thankful for all the clients and staff I work with everyday.