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Integrated Employment

This program offers community job placement for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Southern Oregon Aspire offers individualized recruitment, training, placement and oversight to many individuals who work in the community. The jobs we have previously recruited for are diverse and include grocery stores, communication businesses, restaurants, manufacturing companies, laundry services, professional offices retail businesses and social services.

Each placement offers unique opportunities and unique challenges for people with developmental disabilities. Sometimes the challenge is as simple as getting one’s foot in the door. At other times it may mean individualized education of an employer and staff so that the potential that can be realized by hiring a person with disabilities.

The program offers supports to both the employee and employer to assure a good job match and maximize the opportunity for success. We are continuously scouting the community for job opportunities for the people we serve. If you have a job to fill, or just have questions on how the program works please don’t hesitate to contact Carol Morono, Employment Services Manager at 541-237-3043 or email her at cmorono@soaspire.org.