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Business Team – Residential Director

Heather Sanders Residential Director
Heather Sanders
Residential Director

Date started with Aspire: August 27, 2008

Brief description of what you do: I oversee all of our 24hr homes and our Supported Living Department in Josephine County.  With that I manage 15 department managers supporting them with training, licensing, staffing, etc.

Your professional background: Special Education in an Alternative High School

How has working at Aspire impacted your life: It has given me an appreciation for my own life. The struggles that I have gone through do not compare to what I see happening daily for others.  It is a joy to work here and has given me a new appreciation for my own life.

Best facet of working at Aspire: The hugs and the “I love you” with no strings attached

What brought you to Aspire: It isn’t what brought me to Aspire that is important, it’s the reason I stayed with Aspire and it’s the people I get to work with on a daily basis and the joy that brings to me.

A few thoughts on encouraging others to become involved with Aspire, in any way, shape or form:

If you have never been around or have very little interaction with the DD population I encourage you to take that step because what you will get out of being a part of their lives outweighs what they ask for in return.

What things you would like to see transpire in the future of Aspire and the people we support:

I would like to see more independent living and growth for our residential group. I would like to have community members be a part of their lives.