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Business Team – Information Technology/Fleet Manager

Justin Burton IT/Fleet Manager
Justin Burton
IT/Fleet Manager

Date started with Aspire:    September 4, 2009

Brief description of what you do: Maintain and improve company assets surrounding Information Technology and Fleet.

Your professional background: I have experience as a meat cutter, construction worker, RV salesman, department manager, and as an information technology service coordinator and technician. I have a bachelor degree from Southern Oregon University in computer science with a minor in business.

How has working at Aspire impacted your life: For the most part I enjoy my job, I get to use my diverse experiences and no two days at work are the same.

Best facet of working at Aspire: The people I work with are great.

What brought you to Aspire: I was looking for a job that had a steady income to support my family while I finished school.

A few thoughts on encouraging others to become involved with Aspire, in any way, shape or form: I have never worked at a place for longer than a few years in a row but here you get surrounded with great people that always offer encouragement.

What things you would like to see transpire in the future of Aspire and the people we support: I think we are headed in the right direction. I hope to see Aspire as a sustainable business so we can offer support to as many people that may need it.