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Lee Savage Clinical Manager
Lee Savage
Clinical Manager

Date started with Aspire: May 15, 2013

Brief description of what you do: Manage the Clinical Services Team which consists of 2 Behavior Specialists. I carry a caseload of clients also.

Your professional background: Fairview Training Center 13 years as a Direct Support Professional and Agency Trainer; State Operated Community Programs 9 years as a Behavior Specialist and Department Manager; Diversion Specialist with the State Crisis Diversion office for 5 years; Community Liaison with the State DD office 4 years; retired from state service January 2008 after 31 years; Assistant Director of the OIS Project 3 years; Clinical Director of a for-profit agency 2 years; owned and operated a private behavior consultation business 1 year; Behavior Specialist and Clinical Services Manager of Southern Oregon Aspire 2 years and 8 months.

How has working at Aspire impacted your life: After almost 40 years in this profession, I finally have been lucky enough to see how and be a part of an organization that does it right. I have never seen more happy, healthy and well-treated clients under one organization before, and it has restored my faith in Human Services. I enjoy coming to work and look forward to where it’s all leading.

Best facet of working at Aspire: The clients are happy and healthy and not stuck in some phase of their lives. The organization and the incredible people who make up the organization are all after the same thing (insert mission statement here) and walk the walk in their support of our clients achieving their best quality of life.

What brought you to Aspire: I was fried and disillusioned with Behavior Consultation and just happened to get an email from Kelly Keef asking if I knew anyone who was looking for a Behavior Specialist job. Turns out it was me.

A few thoughts on encouraging others to become involved with Aspire, in any way, shape or form: This organization cares about the people we serve and if anyone wants to know how services and supports should look and be delivered, this agency is a model for that. We are in a transition period surrounding the delivery of supports, and the future holds some exciting things to come that should be extremely interesting and fulfilling to be a part of.

What things you would like to see transpire in the future of Aspire and the people we support: Many of the things we have been told are coming through the implementation of HCBS are things that have been long overdue and amount to a much greater ability for our clients to truly engage in self-directed supports. I’m looking forward to our clients having a much greater role in guiding their own lives. I’m also looking forward to how we as an organization and a service delivery system will change to adapt to this.

 I love working here and will no doubt still be here when I finally go to that big Behavior Support Plan in the sky (I just don’t want to die at my desk).