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Business Team – Development Director

Sheri Murphy Development Director
Sheri Murphy
Development Director

Date started with Aspire: March 2014

Brief description of what you do: I am responsible for the marketing activities for Southern Oregon Aspire which includes advertising, social media, web site content, special events, fundraising and the creation and production of presentation materials.  I also assist the Human Resources department with recruitment.  It’s my job to get and keep Southern Oregon Aspire known in the local community and to spread the word about the incredible work we do here.

Your professional background: I’ve been involved in the marketing field for 29 years, first as a marketing representative at a local title company for 10  years, then at a local bank for 7 and then as a small business owner and now as Marketing Director here at Aspire.  I’ve also been a project manager for a construction firm and a bank manager for a local bank.

How has working at Aspire impacted your life:  I’ve learned to fully appreciate all the good in my own life.  I’ve had my challenges along the way, but not the same challenges that the people we support face.  Being around these incredible people certainly makes you look at your own life and count your blessings.  I also have a different perspective of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities…they are some INCREDIBLE people…with more abilities than disabilities.

Best facet of working at Aspire: Getting to know the people we support on a personal level and seeing them exceed and celebrate their successes.

What brought you to Aspire: The previous Executive Director finally got me to come to work here after I left the banking industry.  The organization had not had an official marketing department and I actually started on a part-time basis but quickly realized there was much work to get done.

A few thoughts on encouraging others to become involved with Aspire, in any way, shape or form:   I think most people who have not been around the people we support are afraid or uncomfortable around them.  They just really haven’t taken any time to get to know them.  They are just regular people like ourselves but have some different challenges than we face.  We are all just people and by working together you not only enhance the lives of those we support, but they make a huge difference in your own life.  It really can put your life into perspective.

What things you would like to see transpire in the future of Aspire and the people we support:  I’m excited to be a part of this organization as we move forward and tackle the obstacles before us.  For me it’s a personal mission to educate the general public about the work we do here, the people we support and what they can do to contribute to the community. They all want to work within the community and achieve their own personal goals just like the rest of us.  And the exciting thing is…I get to be a part of making that happen!

Any other pertinent information regarding your employment with Aspire:  I’m amazed everyday by the staff that works in this organization.  The level of commitment and compassion that these people possess to care for the needs of another human being is incredible.  They truly make a difference in the life of another person.  They are not driven by money but more by the personal satisfaction of serving another human being.  That takes a special kind of person and this organization is full of them.  To sum it all up in one word….WOW!!