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Confidential Shredding

Southern Oregon Aspire offers businesses a secure and reliable service for the destruction of sensitive records.

Southern Oregon Aspire offers two options for Confidential Destruction:

The first option: Our mobile shred truck comes to you!

Make a one-time appointment or have Southern Oregon Aspire come to your facility on a regular schedule! We will destroy your confidential records right in front of your eyes. You can be completely confident that your records have been destroyed.

The second option: Utilizing secure procedures and an industrial grade shredder Southern Oregon Aspire destroys records in the manner prescribed by regulations. Procedures dictate the handling of highly confidential records from the point of contact to the point of destruction. Customers are provided written documentation of the materials’ destruction.

What happens to your shredded materials? After destruction, the shredded materials in most cases can be recycled, further reducing the burden on our landfills. Records may be transported to Southern Oregon Aspire recycling center or customers can arrange for pick up services.

For more information, please contact us at 541-476-8241